Healthcard Management Software

HEALTHCARD - Pathology

It allows you to manage lab test and other tests advised in health card. All lab tests advised in prescriptions, indoor, stimulation etc. are seen here directly. You can just select, test, lab name whom you want to send the sample, create receipts and give it to associated lab. No need to check prescriptions, patient can directly go to lab for collecting samples. It also provides a copy to lab tech indicating the use of specific bulb for collecting samples. It will display on healthcard app.

How to Use HealthCard Pathology/Radiology Module

  • Click on “Lab Advised” in sub module to view all advised test.
  • Click on PAYMENT BUTTON in action tab for billing
  • Click on “PART PAID LAB BILLING” to view part paid billing. In the action tab find billing option, receipt download and detailed receipt download. You can provide one copy to patient and you can keep one copy for your reference
  • Click on “LAB FINAL PAYMENT RECEIPT” to download all final Invoice copies.
  • Click on “SELF LAB FOR PRESCRIPTION” to advice Self Lab Test.
  • Click on ‘‘PATHOLOGY REFUND’’ can refund back his money with bill number and patient name.