IVF/Hospital Management Software


Call Center page allows you to keep all track follow up with your inquiries, leads, current patient in the software. Whenever we get call for New Enquiry Select Call Center Option then we will get Two Options. The best call center software for healthcare providers ensures efficient inquiry management, patient follow-ups, and appointment scheduling. Leading solutions like Software Call Center and Healthcare Call Center Software integrate seamlessly with hospital systems, enhancing operational efficiency. Choose medical call center outsourcing for cost-effective management. Contact Acssel Solutions offer robust features for streamlined patient communication.

1. Enquiry Data

Click on Add Enquiry for adding Pt Details like Enquiry for Speciality/Pt full name/Mobile number/Mail Id/Referring unit/status of enquiry/remark/ next call date next call time. And we can fix appointment on temporary or permanent basis depends on patient’s confirmation, Then we have to fix Appointment Date Appointment Time.

2. Follow Up Details

Follow-up Details provides information on the next follow-up date for a previous prescription, enabling booking appointments and preventing patient loss. It also allows downloading follow-up details in Excel and PDF formats.