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Overview of IVF/Hospital Management Software

IVF/Hospital Management Software is extremely user friendly, easy to learn and easy to use software. It comes with following modules. This software assists you to manage your entire Hospital/Fertility Center/Healthcare facility as required by Hospital/Fertility Center/Healthcare facility This module comes with all features, including your OPD management, procedure planning, stimulation, embryology management, Andrology management and so on. It has excellent finance management, with all possible kind of reports, as you imagine. You can also post surgeries or procedures, OT bookings, Intraoperative notes, Anesthesia notes to indoor management. It has bed management, admission management, call center management etc. It Consist of following Modules


Benefits of Using IVF/Hospital Management Software

  1. Improve operational efficiency and productivity
  2. Better Inventory Management
  3. Availability of Information At Fingertips
  4. Reduce Unnecessary Expenses
  5. Increased Data Protection
  6. Real-time Data Access
  7. Requires Less Manpower
  8. Reduction in errors in medication through Computerized Physician
  9. Higher patient satisfaction & better experience
  10. Track the Entire Workflow of Patient Journey
  11. Powerful Administrative & Clinical Modules
imageOur Modules

IVF/Hospital Management Software Modules